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A Few Self-Reflection Prompts

Self-reflection is a crucial aspect of giving meaning to the things inside and around oneself. I’ve compiled a list of prompts regarding a few aspects of marginalized identity, inspired by We’re Not Really Strangers, for you to dig deeper into what these concepts mean to you and how it affects others. You can use these as journal prompts, make a game out of it with your friends, or just skim and answer it in your head, whatever makes you feel comfortable to be vulnerable, you make the rules. I would however like to encourage you, even if it's one question, to take the time to reflect and challenge yourself by answering questions that may appear unrelated to you or that you feel the urge to dismiss.


When did you realize you are the gender you currently identify with?

How are your friendships different with those that identify as the same gender as you and those that do not?

What do you wish others understood about your gender?

How was your childhood impacted by being raised as a certain gender?


How do you feel about labels?

If your sexuality was a baking recipe, what would be the ingredients?

When do you feel most affirmed in your sexuality?

Were you provided with adequate sex education in school? How would you improve it?

What differentiates a romantic and a platonic relationship for you?


What feelings are evoked in you when discussing race?

What were you taught about race growing up? Directly or indirectly?

Do you remember when you realized race existed?

How often do you think about race/ the color of your own skin? Why do you think that is?

What privileges do you have/lack due to your skin color?


How does the way your genitals look impact how you feel about yourself/ carry yourself through life?

How does the way your body looks play into your clothing/fashion choices?

What did you grow up believing “beautiful” looked like? Where did that come from?

Does the way you perceive your body keep you from participating in social events?

In what ways are the places you frequent inaccessible to people with disabilities?


Is making a lot of money a goal of yours? Why or why not?

Was money discussed in your home?

Did you grow up upper, middle, or lower class? How do you feel about sharing that with others?

What did vacation look like in your family? How often did you go?

How much money is too much money for one person to be making?


How is your experience unique to other people? How is it the same?

When and why did you last cry?

When was the last time you had a shift in perspective?

Have you ever been called out for saying something insensitive? How did it make you feel? Did it change you? Why or why not?

In your relationships, what topics do you find necessary to agree on?

What do you wish you could tell your parents?

What holidays are important to you? Why?

What counts as infidelity in your relationships?

If you’re comfortable, feel free to share your answers or other questions in the comments.


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